A question about Copyright of the content

Hi Aden!

Thanks a lot for the amazing API, I’m having a lot of fun using it!

At the moment I want to use your CAT api for a website I’m building, I read your terms and conditions page The Cat API - Cats as a Service. and will comply with all your requirements about attributions and such. My only concern is, do you fully own rights to the data? I know the attributions endpoint lists a bunch of sources from where you grabbed the content, so I’m just wondering if I need to only show attributions to you and the cat api or if I need to also list all those sources as well. And are the other sources ok with use of their images as well?

Thanks a lot for any clarification, I just want to make sure I won’t break any laws.



@Derek great question, For images: they are all either copyright free, ones we’ve taken ourselves, or been uploaded to the API from the community. In the Terms and conditions, anyone uploading an Image to the API has to be the copyright owner of the image, and they give us permission to share it via the API and for others to use it. All images that are allowed to be shared publically via the ./images/search endpoint (which is under 1% of all uploads) are reviewed to make sure they don’t contain any humans and are safe for classrooms.

For Data, e.g. breed attributes etc - that can all be used by just citing us, and we then cite any sources. Most of the data is either from public sources, talking with the different official breed groups and kennel clubs, or from research we have commissioned.

For things like ./facts or ./jokes - we commissioned researchers to produce those datasets, which can be used under the blanket citation of the Cat or Dog API respectively

If you have any concerns about any specific image or piece data then feel free to get in touch

@Aden That’s great to know that I only need to attribute the cat api and thAt you own the rights to everything, I also didn’t know a lot of the images were users submitted. Thanks a lot!