API Registration not sending email

I’ve signed up for an API key, but nothing is arriving in my inbox (or junk mail).

Thanks for the post @sigmundf

Looking in the Sendgrid logs, it looks like any emails to @outlook.com / @hotmail.com / @usc.eud are “Not Delivered”

Most other domains are fine. I assume this is due to Sendgrid posting from a shared IP. Apologies to anyone affected.

I’ll review the DMARC settings, upgrade to a whitelisted IP, or if needed migrate to anther service.

In the meantime signups from any other domain, like @Gmail work fine.

Best, Aden

Made the switch from SendGrid to AWS SES.

The API Key emails are now sending properly to the affected domains, although they are now in the ‘updates’ section of Gmail.

If anyone has any more issues with not receiving the welcome email then just let me know.