Breed writing attached to images

I have been using the site quite a bit, and I had an idea, what if people could upload images with a breed attached, then you could have a breed voting area where people look at them, then just to make sure they aren’t just voting to make a joke, the top 10 get checked by you every week, this would just be cool because then we have less repetitive breed images. (The top 10 are the only ones that have the possibility of making it in, and when one is taken out of the running by you, the next in line comes up to the top 10)

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That’s a great idea @Wolfqy2020 , and something that could be partially created by anyone using the current API,

The AWS & Google image recognition services currently used for checking every upload aren’t great at working out the specific breed. So we’ve planned a custom version trained on our own dataset.

Once done, this would add ‘possible breeds’ to every Image which could be voted upon, refining the classifier further.

If you’re interested in using these new features of the API as they hit alpha/beta, let me know and i’ll enable it for your account.

That would be awesome, I’d love to try it out. Thanks!