Cannot sign up on

When I’m trying to sign up, only thing I’m seeing is the “Loading…” caption. Chrome developer console is showing “Error status 400” when accessing to the API

Thanks for reporting this. Looking at the error logs it seems to be the duplicate email issue reported by another user.

There is a Trello ticket open where you can track my progress fixing it:

I hope to have it complete by Wednesday. If you don’t think what you’re seeing isn’t this bug, then please let me know and i’ll dig through it further.

Best, Aden

Hey @TheMaking,

New version is live which will allow any existing user to signup again and receive a new API Key.

Let me know if you have any issues

Little data point: there are now over 5,000 users signed up. :tada:

I have the same issue, can’t sign up on the website, reported here as well.

hey Riccardo, I think the API might be down , I am using it to develop a App and it stopped fetching results… my code was right untill minutes ago and I havent changed it , also the “Test Drive” of the API online isnt returning results

Hey @riccardo, should be fixed now, let me know if you have any other issues though.

Here’s the support ticket for reference though: -

Follow-up data point: over 5,500 developers have now signed up. :tada: