Catapi keeps returning the same images

So I made a Discord bot using the cat api and for some reason it keeps returning the same cat images. Mainly these images:

Duplicate cats

What’s going on here?

That’s a good question - do you have the Id’s of any of the duplicates?

Oof I can only submit 2 links since I’m a new user so I copied it over to pastebin. I hope that’s ok.

Here are the IDs:
Grumpy cat duplicates: c6eRX5VJa, u-svD9g4X, ge0VijdWQ, EfAnnrwhY
Relaxing tabby (?) cat: 6gE0g4iQw, 4Tblp9GzI

I’ve tried a couple of other Discord cat bots and they all display the same issue: duplicate cat images. I thought it might’ve been a problem with my bot but it looks like this is an API issue…