Does the voting help?

So I’ve been spending a little time on the main site voting on the cat pictures, what is that for exactly, does it just make some appear more often, or is it so the images are always good and checked by humans? Sorry if this has already been said or anything.

Also, where does it get the images, does it only get them from uploads on the site or does it also search other places?

Good question @Wolfqy2020.

The votes on the website serves a few purposes:

  1. Demonstrate how someone could use the API to track Votes by their own Users. Then retrieve those Votes using the API to create their own scoreboard as a total or per User basis.
  2. Allow Images to be flagged for review if they get too many down votes - although the automated analysis engine catches pretty much everything on Upload. The results of which are public for any image via the API.
  3. Allows the API to return images in order of Votes (up or down) (soon to be released feature)

Currently there’s no weighting of the search results based on Votes.

The Images come from uploads (rules of which are here), if they pass the automated analysis and quality filters they are available to be searched via the API.

Hope that helps, Aden

That does help, thank you!