Dogapi without coding skills

Hi there, I used to get random cat images directly in my simple html code by calling the url

I can’t find any way for making this work with thedogapi service. I can’t manage a json result because of two reasons:

  1. I can’t code;
  2. I’m using this as an email signature so coding is not allowed.

Is there any way to accomplish this?
Is the “old fashioned” catapi going to be discontinued?

Thanks for help!

Interesting question @INeDiA

You can do the same thing for theDogApi by using the ‘api’ subdomain.


Let me know if you have any aspiration to learn to code though, we’re working on a curriculum at the moment.

Best, Aden

Hi @Aden, so nice of you to reply this quick!
Thanks for the tip about the subdomain.

Honestly I don’t think I have the right mindset to learn coding, I tried and failed :smiley:
I’ll keep tinkering I guess; it ain’t much, but it’s honest work.