[Feature Request] max_size request parameter

Hey there!

Being a “large” API user on Discord (in case “Rawgoat” in a user-agent rings a bell to you), I would love to see a max_size parameter in bytes that would allow us to filter by image size beforehand.

Currently, images above 8 MB (some GIFs) can’t be sent at all, so the solution is either to error out or call the API again. Besides, as reposting from the API means downloading the image to send it yourself (unless you send the raw link), it’d be great to ignore images above a certain size to reduce bandwidth usage, both for the system and for users having to load the images with a bad connection.

This request concerns both the Cat and Dog APIs, thank you in advance for considering it!

Hey, this feature already exists. They key is “size” and the optional values are: thumb , small, med or full - small is perfect for Discord

Oh yeah, it’s cool, but unfortunately not granular / precise enough here. I keep full size for images since they can be clicked on or even opened in a browser, but would have to use small or med for GIFs per example.