GDPR and Google analytics


Sorry if I misunderstand something. I want to know something about European GDPR. I see that when I call the API, a Google Analytics cookie is set for the website. If this tag is grabbing the non-anonymized user IP it’s not conform with GDPR. Could be a problem for European website.
Any information about this?

That is a great question @dragonbrumes

So the API itself does not use Google analytics, cookies, or 3rd party trackers of any kind.

The website & documentation however does so I can tell which features people are having issues with, and thus improve the docs to match. However it is setup so IP’s are anonymised, with data sharing turned off.

Please check out the privacy policy for more details, and info on how IP addresses are logged & used.

The intention is that the API can be safely used by developers in any jurisdiction not just the EU, without them needing to get special consent from their users.

If you’d like to setup your GA in a similar way check out this guide:

IP logging & GDPR:

Let me know if you have any more questions though, happy to talk through any use-cases.