Getting breed information does not return anything

Hello! I’m a new user, and I’m trying out some of the requests for a mini project (Angular practice). When I do:

I get returned the breed information about abyssinian cats. Other IDs do not work though. For example,

Both return empty lists. I wanted to ask, this problem is potentially on the API side, correct? I cannot see any fundamental differences between my requests. By the way I am not complaining, it’s hard to convey tone through text. I just want to understand if I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you!

Good question @rosen . The ./breeds/search endpoint expects a partial or complete name of the breed as the q parameter, rather than the ID of the breed, hence why ‘abys’ works as it is the start of the breed name Abyssinian

So a partial would be something like: which would return ‘american bobtail’, ’ japanese bobtail’, ‘pixie-bob’, etc

To get a breed using the id you would call instead e.g.

Hope that helped.

All the best, Aden

That does help, thank you! I completely misunderstood how to use the routes.