Help with dog api response

Hi everyone, I am creating a small web app with react where users can filter and search dogs by name temperament or breed group etc.The problem is when i map over with js and show them in the dom there is no way to display images in the cards because images cannot be found inside the api response /breeds, in order to get all the correct images for the dog breed i need to run another request to /images/search?breed_id=‘breed id’ for each and every dog and that is a bummer because it slows down the app because there are cases when i map over 150 dog breeds and display them in the dom.My question is why we cant have the images together with the breeds without making requests to /images to get the specific image about that certain breed.

You should probably look up an image for the breed once, then cache it locally. Even manually hard-code it in a lookup table. That way the only remote call you’ll need to get an image is if there’s a new breed added.

Can you please tell me how do you get images of dogs as per their breed_id, cause “” API doesn’t return any breed id which could be used to filter images.

try only having /breeds only without the number, the id should be there for each breed