How to download Json file

I have obtained key and have used the site to learn some request and see that there are options for different code but is it possible to restricted to download the json file as that would be far easier for me to work with as I have note that my lectures are all about working with json.
if not i am struggling with my python 3 experience to download a complete dict of id and breeds. That would be appreaciated if someone could be so kind.

Apologies but I have just looked at my question and see that the English is all over the place for some reason. I note that I am supposed to use markdown? I hope that this is more legible and I will rewrite the question.
I have obtained the key and have used the site to learn some “request” using Python 3 as I am learning by means of an online course.
Is it possible to download the Json file? I see that it is displayed and I’m trying to get a dictionary of all the breed and IDs or IDs and breeds? I have managed to do a couple of other things such as download images of cats and dogs but I am limited and seem to get difficulties with trying to make something of the “list” which is clearly a string and immutable. I also note that when I inspect the results I see that there are individual dictionaries for each of the IDs but am having great difficulty manipulating the data. I’ve played around with the various options that are very helpful but if someone can help out with the above it would be fantastic

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Do you just want to download the full breed JSON results?

If that’s the case, you can just visit or in your web browser, and save the page as a .json file.

If you’re having other issues, it might be a good idea to post some code examples so I can figure out what kind of problems you’re having.