Is the vote deletion API having problems?

I’m not able to delete a vote.
Always returns:
“message”: “INVALID_DATA”,
“status”: 400,

Hey @tiago1a,

The only way i’ve found of repeating your issue is by using the Postman collection. It had a type - missing the ‘s’ from the end of ‘votes’ in the url

e.g. it was 

instead of 

I’ve updated the Postman collection accordingly, however if you’ve found this bug by other means please let me know and i’ll dig further.

All the best, Aden

Hello @Aden

It still looks broken for me, but with different reason.
When I was training, I created votes without sub_id (request body contained only image_id and value) so they have null as sub_id value.
And this votes is undeleted - response returns 200 and {message:success} but vote doesnt dissapear from votes list.
I tried to create votes with specified sub_id and they get deleted well